Building a just society where people do good to others, live in harmony with others, respect and care for each other, get peace of mind and are free from inequality, discrimination, poverty and hunger.”


The Mission of Trust is to help the deprived, neglected, discriminated,  unprivileged, poor and vulnerable sections of society through the medium of free education, skill based employability  training, health care system, caring old and aged, orphan and destitute, feeding the hunger without any discrimination of caste, creed, sex and religion”.


One day a fakir resembling Baba came to Kulkarni’s house at about noon. Kulkarni was not in the house. His wife and children asked the fakir whether he was Shirdi Sai Baba. The fakir replied that he was a servant of God and on His orders only he came to enquire about the welfare of Kulkarni’s family. He asked for dakshina . Kulkarni’s wife gave him a rupee. The fakir gave her some udi and asked her to keep it in her puja for worship.

Legal Status of the Trust

  • The Trust is registered was under the Trust Ac in the year 2008.
  • Registered under the 12 (a) of Income Tax Act
  • Registered under the 80 (g) of Income Tax Act
  • Registered under the FCRA – Registration
  • Registered with Guide Star India

Drinking water supply

Safe drinking water is a scarcity in Gajam district particularly during summer. Even all through the seasons most people particularly .

Free Child Education

Children are future of the Humanity. Every Child should have access to wholesome food, good education and appropriate health care.

Vocational Training

Equally important is the plight of women in the under-privileged vulnerable sections particularly from Tribal and Dalit communities.
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